The Ladies of The Talk Preview Season Six, Reveal Their Most Memorable Show, and More

Glamour: How have you most changed since your first season on the show? Julie Chen: I've gotten a lot more comfortable being who I really am off camera on camera. Anybody who knew me before The Talk in my real life would see me on the news and say, I don't even recognize you because you're so serious, no wonder they call you Chenbot. You seem like you have no feelings, you're robotic." And in real life, they're like, "You're the biggest goofball, really bawdy." [Laughs] Sara Gilbert: I'm older! I think I'm more confident. When I decided to do the show, I knew I wasn't comfortable speaking publicly being myself, and I was kind of forcing myself to break that. Now I feel right at home. Sheryl Underwood: I've lost five pounds! So it's the weight. [Laughs] I mean, they let me be myself. The other thing is I've learned how to articulate things better. Aisha Tyler: I've relaxed a lot, and I've gotten more jobs! In my first season, I had two jobs, and now I have five. [Laughs]pre bonded hair Sharon Osbourne: I realized I'm not always right. I used to instantly come to an opinion on a situation. Now I take my time.

Glamour: Who is the most fun celebrity to discuss? Julie: Madonna has given us some fun ones, especially when she compared herself to Picasso. Kanye West, Gwyneth Paltrow. But I like that we're not so quick to dismiss anyone and try to put ourselves in their shoes. Sheryl: I'm all things Kardashian/Jenner! I hope they find some more of them!remy hair extensions Sharon: Any of the Kardashians because you think they're one thing, and in fact they're another. They give you so much to talk about! They're a gift. They don't stop giving!

Glamour: What's your ritual before you head into the studio each day? Julie: From 6 to 7 A.M., I'm doing some form of exercise. At 7 A.M., I turn on CBS This Morning. I turn on the shower and make my Chinese herbal drink, [but when I first wake up], I have a green barley grass powder drink. Then it's about 13 different creams and serums that I put on. Basically anything that I get from the show! Usually, when I'm doing this, my son will come in and say, "Mom, you got me?" so that Leslie knows I'm in charge at that point and I got you! Sometimes [Charlie and I] go through my closet or my earrings, and he'll say, "I want you to wear these earrings today. They give you special powers!" I'm like, "OK!" So I leave the house looking ridiculous because I'm in my sweatshirt and sweatpants with wet hair and big, gaudy earrings! Sometimes he'll make me wear a stole to work because "You're a fox, and this is your fox costume!" So I might show up looking ridiculous. [Laughs] Sharon: I get up about 6 or 6:30. First thing I do is put on CBS to see what's going on in the world.perruques cheveux naturels I'll watch TV in the bath and slowly get myself together. No matter what time I leave my house, I always arrive late. I could leave the night before and still something would happen that would cause me to still be late! Sara: Right now it really depends on the baby and when he wakes up. I either have five minutes to throw sweats on or I have more time to get ready. And getting coffee at my favorite place—Kings Road! Aisha: I get up around 5 or 5:30 A.M. I work out for an hour in front of the TV and catch up on my guilty pleasure shows like The Vampire Diaries or Supernatural or Salem. Then I'll get into work around 7 or 8 A.M. I'll eat once I get to work unless I do a really hardcore workout, and then I'll have a snack before. Sheryl: I meditate and talk to God and say thanks for giving me a sister that's happy and healthy and a job that I love. I do my own radio show four days a week and Steve Harvey two days a week. I have two different platforms. And I have lemon and hot water in the morning because it helps your digestive system!

Glamour: Favorite or most memorable show from season five? Julie: The Halloween episode. You feel like a kid again. And let's face it, I'll never have as good of a costume for a Halloween party as you do when a professional makes one for you [for the show]! Sara: Telling the hosts I was pregnant. That was really sweet, and knowing I held the secret really worked out perfectly.perruques cheveux Aisha: The Halloween show. Oh, the blackout! That was a really good one! That felt like we were having a sleepover. And then when we did that week of night shows until James Corden's show started…I think that might have been my favorite week. We were drinking on set, and it was great! Sharon: When my tooth fell out! I left the set and tried to glue it on with super glue, and then I came back with no tooth. [Laughs] Sheryl: I was scared [impersonating] Naomi Campbell when she was late [to the show on live TV] because I never want to offend anyone. That's one of my most fun episodes though, and any time George Lopez comes on. He's just everything…charming, funny. And then time stopped being in the arms of John Stamos. He is a great kisser. Phenomenal. Glamour: Secrets week—are you over it or would you want to do it again? Julie: No, I'm dying to do it again! I have one that I didn't get cleared to tell last year, and I'm working on getting it cleared this year. I have to get it cleared with the people that it involves! Sara: I'm out of secrets!

Aisha: I'm over it! I don't want to tell any more secrets! Sharon: It's fun, but I think you have to move on. You can't keep coming up with secrets that are really great because then you start making it up and I don't like that. Sheryl: I love secrets week because it allows me to look inside myself and decide what I want to tell and what will benefit society as a whole. Glamour: Favorite look or style that you most like to wear on the show? Julie: I probably feel the most comfortable in what looks the worst on air. If I have my way, my most favorite would be any sweater that is loose and I don't have to push up the sleeves. And the few times I've worn jeans, I feel more playful. Sara: I'm always a jeans and T-shirt girl, so I throw on a blazer or a sweater.lace front wigs Aisha: I always like when my shirts have little animals or owls or umbrellas and flamingos. Those are really fun because it's not how I dress in real life. I'm always in sweats. I love fashion, but my life is so full that when I'm not on set, I'm very, very casual. To be honest, I wear whatever they put out for me. Sharon: I love to wear suits. I just love it! I have to look business-like. Sheryl: I'm growing my natural hair out. I'll put my hair in braids for hiatus and let my natural hair grow out as long as possible. I like the versatility of being able to wear wigs. It's not that I'm trying to become something. I just like the versatility. Glamour: If you could have any celeb on the show, knowing they would open up about anything and everything, who would you choose? Julie: At the same time I would want Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes! Sara: It would be fun to have Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. I'd love to have David Bowie. I don't care what he says or doesn't say, I just want him to come. Aisha: It would be so fun to have David Bowie and Iman! And Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum. Sharon: Justin Beiber.

Sheryl: Mick Jagger. Oh, and Salma Hayek. And Aretha Franklin. I'd love to hear the stories of her life. Glamour: Describe the rest of the ladies in one word, and how do you think they'd describe you? Julie: Sharon is outrageous; Sheryl is hysterical; Sara is soulful; Aisha is brilliant. I hope they would say I'm funny. That's the biggest compliment to me. If anyone says I'm funny, that trumps all. Sara: Sharon is warm; Aisha is smart; Sheryl is kind; Julie is fun. I think people are surprised at how fun she is. I think they'd say I'm hippy. Aisha: Sheryl is joyous; Sara is kind; Sharon is fabulous; Julie is fun, but she's more than fun. Let's say unexpected!cosplay wigs Sharon: This is hard! Sara is my bestie. Sheryl is hysterical. Aisha's awesome. Julie, I call her Wooly. I don't know why. [Laughs] Julie is the captain of our ship, but she's funny, you can always rely on her, nothing phases her. She's so elegant. She's captivating! Sheryl: Julie is polished. Mrs. O is exquisite. Aisha is a brainiac. Sara is earthy. Season six of The Talk premieres Monday, September 14, on CBS at 2 P.M. ET/1 P.M. CT/PT.